Where its Affordable to be Online

Where its Affordable to be Online


Affordit Web Design & Online Marketing...Where its Affordable for you....

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~How would you like to have an Endless Stream of Customers coming and knocking on your door's Business?

You are about to Discover some truly unique methods that I use to put your business online and Automating the process to stay in Touch with your New Warm Prospective Customers and Existing Customers without a lot of time commitment from you. In addition to making a presence for your business on the internet...  once the Systems are in place it just requires a little tweaking here and there.... like a water faucet to slow down or increase the flow of new business that you'll be getting.

Here are some other Areas I will cover;
  • New Website Construction from simple 1 page to multi-page functional practical websites to Custom Made Fancy with MultiMedia applications from certain platforms I use...
  • A Lead Capture Page from Basic to Custom as well to capture your prospects for you... to stay in touch with until they are needing your service.
  • An Email Database System to stay in touch with your new prospects, to turn them from cold leads into warm leads so eventually they will become Red HOT Leads & ready to do business with you...
  • An Organic SEO program to increase your page rankings and get a better chance of being found online when you Customers are searching whatever you have to offer them....You can be on 1st page of GOOGLE, YAHOO, or MSN.
  • A paid targeted marketing campaign using PPC or AdWords or Other methods to work for you...You can be on 1st page of GOOGLE, YAHOO, or MSN.
  • Coordination of various Systems to work together...
  • Backtesting of all the links so they open & operate properly...
  • Diagonostics of your Website.. or System (fix any trouble shooting issues)
  • Creation of Complete A to Z Online Marketing Systems to Generate Leads for you...
  • upcoming New Service ""SOON""  for ... Social Media Campaigns using Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter to drive Traffic... stay tuned in!!!!
  • Free Traffic generating programs
  • Paid Traffic generating programs
  • PayPal, Google Checkout, and other Banking Merchant Accounts...
  • MultiMedia like audio player, video player construction on your website...
  • Creation of Movies/Videos/Editing for Infomercials, or simple story telling about your business...
  • and Access to other resources and Ad Agencies for Bigger Projects...
So was that enough for today?

You will learn more as we go further in specific discussions...try to stay specific.. .so you don't come down with Information OverLoad symptons...

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Where its Affordable for you.....to be online!
I'm in Milwaukie, Oregon.

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